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Imagine cruising through the cool, winding roads of Da Lat, feeling the breeze as you explore breathtaking landscapes. In this blog, we dive into the heart of Da Lat’s scenic beauty, from must-visit spots to the delicious local cuisine you’ve got to try.

And we won’t stop there – a thrilling adventure awaits as we extend our journey to Dak Lak. Own a bike? Love tours? Then you’re in for the best Da Lat motorcycle tour with our team at Vietnam Cycle Adventures.

Places to Visit During Your Trip to Da Lat to Dak Lak

1. Da Lat Lake of Sighs

Riding to the Lake of Sighs in Da Lat, you’ll discover a tranquil spot perfect for those seeking peace on their journey. The roads leading there are a biker’s dream, offering smooth rides with lush, scenic views. Once there, you can enjoy a serene boat ride or a stroll around the lake, absorbing the romantic atmosphere that inspired the lake’s name.
Nearby, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Valley of Love, another scenic marvel that offers picturesque landscapes and peaceful vibes, enhancing your motorcycle adventure with natural beauty and a touch of romance.

Picture of Dalat Lake of Sighs

2. Visit Bao Dai’s Summer Palace of Da Lat

The journey to Bao Dai’s Summer Palace combines cultural discovery and scenic rides. The palace itself, set against a backdrop of lush gardens and sweeping views, offers a glimpse into the luxurious life of the last emperor of Vietnam. The winding roads to the palace are a joy to ride, presenting breathtaking views at every curve.
After exploring the palace, take your bike for a spin around the nearby Da Lat Flower Gardens, where the vibrant blooms and meticulously designed landscapes provide a feast for the eyes and a refreshing stop on your tour.

Picture of Bao Dai’s Summer Palace

3. Visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda Da Lat

Linh Phuoc Pagoda stands out not just for its spiritual significance but also for its stunning architecture, made more enchanting by the journey through Da Lat’s splendid landscapes to get there. The pagoda is a kaleidoscope of colors, with intricate mosaics that capture the eye and soul.
Nearby, the Da Lat Railway Station, an iconic piece of colonial architecture, offers a picturesque spot for history buffs and architectural enthusiasts. Riding in this area, you’ll be treated to a mix of cultural richness and scenic beauty, making every moment on your bike memorable.

4. Buon Don Dak Lak

Buon Don in Dak Lak is an adventure seeker’s haven, offering thrilling rides through its rugged terrain and the chance to delve into the culture of elephant conservation. The area is not just about challenging trails but also about connecting with the indigenous cultures and their traditions.
After your ride, consider a visit to the nearby Dray Sap Waterfall, where the majestic beauty of nature’s force can be witnessed up close. This region is rich in cultural and natural attractions, providing a well-rounded adventure for motorcycle enthusiasts looking to explore beyond the beaten path.

Picture of Buon Don Daklak

5. Yok Don Dak Lak National Park

Yok Don National Park is an exhilarating destination for motorcyclists, offering vast open roads enveloped by the wilderness. It’s a place where you can truly connect with nature, whether you’re spotting wildlife on a jungle trek or camping under the stars. The park’s diverse ecosystems offer something new at every turn, making it a thrilling addition to any Da Lat motorcycle tour.
Close to Yok Don, the village of Buon Cuor Knia is an excellent stop to learn about the local M’nong culture, offering insights into the lives of the indigenous people and their symbiotic relationship with nature. Riding through this area, you’re not just on a motorcycle tour; you’re on an expedition to discover the heart and soul of Dak Lak.

Picture of Yok Don Daklak National Park

What Should You Eat When Coming to Da Lat?

After a day of thrilling rides with our team at Vietnam Cycle Adventures, you’ll work up an appetite. Da Lat is not only famous for its scenic beauty but also for its unique and mouthwatering cuisine. Here are some must-try foods that’ll fuel your adventures and give you a true taste of Da Lat.

Wet Cake with Chicken Organs: “Bánh ướt lòng gà”

Dive into the local flavors with “Bánh ướt lòng gà”, a dish that combines delicate rice paper with a savory mix of chicken organs. It’s a bold flavor experience, with the soft texture of the wet cake perfectly complementing the rich taste of the organs. This dish is a testament to the local love for fresh ingredients and unique combinations.

Picture of Banh uot long ga

Da Lat Mini Cake: “Bánh căn”

“Bánh căn” is a delightful snack made from crispy mini rice pancakes cooked in clay pots, often filled with eggs, shrimp, or meat. Riding around Da Lat, you’ll find these sizzling on street corners, emitting an aroma that’s hard to resist. Each bite is a perfect blend of crispy and soft, making it an ideal snack after a long ride.

Grilled Rice Paper: “Bánh tráng nướng”

Often referred to as Vietnamese pizza, “Bánh tráng nướng” is a must-try street food. This crispy rice paper is grilled over coal, and topped with a variety of ingredients like egg, spring onions, and dried beef, creating a crunchy, flavorful treat. It’s the perfect quick bite that reflects the simplicity and richness of Vietnamese street food culture.

Shumai Bread: “Bánh mì xíu mại”

“Bánh mì xíu mại” combines the iconic Vietnamese baguette with juicy, flavorful pork meatballs, drenched in a rich tomato-based sauce. It’s a fusion of textures and tastes, with the crunchy bread and tender meat offering a hearty meal to start your day or refuel after a ride.

Da Lat Avocado Ice Cream: “Kem bơ Đà Lạt”

Cool down with Da Lat’s famous avocado ice cream, “Kem bơ Đà Lạt”. This creamy dessert blends the rich, buttery flavor of avocado with sweet ice cream, creating a refreshing treat. It’s a beloved delicacy that showcases the region’s fresh avocados uniquely.

Picture of Da Lat Avocado Ice Cream

Artichoke Beef Hotpot: “Lẩu bò Atiso”

Warm up with a bowl of “Lẩu bò Atiso”, a hotpot that features tender beef slices and fresh artichokes in a flavorful broth. This dish not only tantalizes your taste buds but also offers health benefits, thanks to the artichokes. It’s a comforting meal to share with friends, reflecting the communal spirit of Vietnamese dining.

What Should You Eat When You Arrive in Dak Lak?

Like Da Lat, Dak Lak also offers a unique culinary experience that mirrors its wild and natural beauty. Before you finish your Da Lat motorcycle tour, here are Dak Lak’s must-try local dishes:

Lentil Fish Hotpot

Embark on a flavor journey with the Lentil Fish Hotpot, a beloved dish in Dak Lak. This hotpot combines the tender, delicate taste of lentil fish, a local freshwater fish, with a rich and aromatic broth. The fresh herbs and vegetables added to the pot enhance its flavors, making each spoonful a delightful experience. It’s a comforting dish that perfectly reflects the natural bounty of Dak Lak.

Bamboo Shoot: “Măng Lẻ”

“Măng Lẻ” or bamboo shoot is a staple in Dak Lak’s cuisine, celebrated for its crisp texture and subtly sweet flavor. Often prepared stir-fried or cooked in a hearty stew, bamboo shoots are a versatile ingredient that complements many dishes. Riding through Dak Lak, you’ll find this ingredient showcased in local markets and restaurants, offering a taste of the region’s forests on your plate.

Picture of Mang le


Venison in Dak Lak is not just food; it’s a taste of the wild. This lean and flavorful meat is often grilled, stewed, or served in stir-fries, seasoned with local herbs and spices that highlight its rich taste. Venison dishes are a must-try for any culinary adventurer, offering a unique flavor that’s as bold and untamed as the landscapes of Dak Lak.

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