Honda XR150L – Model 2022: Beginner – Friendly

The Honda XR150L dual sport bike has certainly made plenty of friends since its launch in 2014, especially since arriving unofficially in Vietnam. This small capacity adventure bike sector, however, is almost as tough as the terrain it’s expected to traverse.

We have done thousand tours with Honda XR150L and so far we got pretty great feedback about the bike on Tripadvisor! It’s hard not to love Honda bikes, In Vietnam we use more than 90% Honda motorbikes. They are a company with a history of sticking their neck out, breaking the mold and taking Vietnam motorcycle adventures along a different and less travelled path. It works very well!

The Honda trail bike XR 150L is one of the fastest-growing manual motorcycle models in Vietnam, and for great reason, good for all riding terrains in Vietnam. The imported 150cc dual-sport motorbike has captured the attention of the local Vietnamese and foreign bikers related Vietnam motorbike tours & rentals companies. In many ways, the perfect motorbike for all motorbike tours in Vietnam.

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