Honda CRF250L – Model 2018

Honda CRF250L is the best motorbike in Vietnam for travelling through the mountainous north or going off road on the back roads.

The CRF uses a de-tuned Honda CBR250R engine with the benefit of more low and mid-range power. Soft, user friendly delivery will help you make good ground without getting you into trouble. It’s also very quiet, ideal for trail riding.

Honda CRF250L
Honda CRF250L

The CRF uses the same engine as the CBR250 but is detuned with better bottom end power and more torque. And in the real world of off-road riding it works. The power delivery is smooth and predictable.

There is no power band, just smooth linear power and torque which enhances the easy to use character of the CRF. To an experienced off-road rider used to competition Enduro bikes the CRF would be considered gutless.

It’s slower revving engine doesn’t have anything like the power of Honda’s CRF250X Enduro bike. But this is a trail bike aimed at green-lining so the balance of power and handling fits the bill perfectly.

Honda CRF250L- The Best Dirt bikes for trail riding in Vietnam