Mekong Delta By Motorbike

Mekong Delta by Motorbike – The Best Informative Guide


Mekong Delta is a region in the South-West of Vietnam, including 13 provinces, with many unique characteristics that tourists cannot find anywhere in the world. The endless rivers and the tropical climate make soil fertile and indirectly contribute to the abundance of vegetation. 

If you decide to explore this land by your motorbike, information in this post-Mekong Delta by Motorcycle can help you have a wonderful journey!

Mekong Delta by Motorbike - The Best Informative Guide

Top 4 Best Mekong Delta by Motorbike Tours

Traveling to the Mekong Delta region, tourists will effortlessly spot out one of its highlights: the rich distributed network of rivers and canals. So, motorcyclists cannot drive their private vehicles all the time. Motorbikes are just used to move from one province to other provinces or from a tourist area to others. 

There is transportation that travelers have to use to explore this land. Scroll down, and you will find what it is!

Top 4 Best Mekong Delta by Motorcycle Tours

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Motorcycle Tour in An Giang Province

Starting your trip in Ho Chi Minh City and driving south, you will have a chance to enjoy peaceful feelings when passing the massive rice fields of Long An and Dong Thap Province. After 4 or 5 hours on a motorbike, you will be present at Long Xuyen city, one of the most developed cities of An Giang.

From this central city, you can go to Tra Su Cajuput Forest and take a trip on a three-leaf canoe to go deep inside and immerse yourself in the gentle rhythm of the jungle. For those interested in observing and learning about animals, it is known that there are more than 140 aquatic species and birds here.

Leaving Tra Su Cajuput Forest, along the pathway, Sam mountain with Ba Chua Xu Temple is a renowned destination for pilgrimage that you should not miss. In particular, there are many folk tales about Ba Chua Xu, who is believed to be a prosperity goddess helping Vietnamese people to obtain success in their business. 

Before going back to Ho Chi Minh City or continuing your journey to other provinces, you can move to the top of Cam mountain by a cable car cabin to admire many large-scale religious works of Buddhists.

Motorcycle Tour in An Giang Province

Can Tho City Full-Day Motorcycle Tour

Referring to Can Tho, nobody can ignore Cai Rang floating market because its essential qualities are one of a kind. Tourists will have unforgettable memories when looking and joining in all the activities of selling, buying, and eating on the boat floating on the river.

Next, take a drive to My Khanh Tourist Area to discover the ancient Southern houses. Their ages are up to more than 100, and their unique architectural style will impress the visitors. Also, tourists can explore the process of making rice paper, a traditional Vietnamese dish, and meet some famous artisans who dedicate all their lives to developing traditional villages.

In My Khanh Tourist Area, you also have a chance to enjoy the tunes of Southern Don Ca Tai Tu. This traditional form of art was recognized as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2013 by UNESCO.

Apart from the aesthetic of Vietnamese tradition via melody, visitors will be surprised by the bustling environment from the racecourses of animals. You can also buy a ticket to bet for your favorite candidate’s win.

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Motorcycle Tour in Soc Trang Province

Soc Trang Province is well-known as a sacred place of many destinations for pilgrim’s journeys. Bat Pagoda, which is also known as Mahatup Pagoda, is one of the most famous temple constructions here. 

To be more specific, this attraction captures the heart of tourists by its ancient beauty and the mysterious appearance of thousands of bats hanging on the ground. You should not pass this place if you desire to learn about the spiritual culture of the Khmer minority group.

After discovering Bat Pagoda, another impressive place of worship is Clay Pagoda. As you can learn from its name, all the statues and sculptures of Buddha in this pagoda are made of clay, which is one of the most attractive points about it. Indeed, this pagoda is seen as an artwork that can make you feel admired for the skillfulness of the artisans.

Besides the complex of temples, My Phuoc Islet is an interesting tourist attraction in Soc Trang. Coming here. Visitors will have new experiences as real farmers. They can pick the fruits from the trees while wearing Ao Ba Ba – a traditional garment in southern Vietnam, as well as enjoy the special taste of the food.

Motorcycle Tour in Soc Trang Province

Ca Mau Province on one day motorcycle trip

If you used to wish to be present at the renowned Amazon Forest more than once but do not have a chance yet, Ca Mau Mangrove Forest is a perfect site that can fulfill your wish. This forest is the second largest mangrove jungle in the world, after the Amazon Forest.

In fact, sitting on a small canoe and listening to the gentle sound of nature’s harmony is one of the best ways to release all the stress out of your mind.

In case the Ca Mau Mangrove Forest can not satisfy your love for nature, U Minh Ha National Forest is the second destination that can meet your needs. There is an extreme diversity of flora and fauna that can be found here.

Moreover, Ca Mau Province is the southern ending land of Vietnam. After driving all the way to come here, most motorcyclists would like to take some photos at the Landmark marking the Southernmost Point in Ca Mau Cape. If you are one of them, do not hesitate to upload these photos on your social media to show people how far you have gone!

Ca Mau Province on one day motorcycle trip


Overall, we hope the information in this Mekong Delta by motorcycle post is enough for you to organize your fantastic trip regarding places to go and things to do. 

Although traveling by motorcycle is quite difficult, it can make your journey interesting and memorable after overcoming all the obstacles and finishing the tour.

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