Da Lat / Central Highland

Referring to Dalat, everyone must be passionate about this city of thousand flowers. Famous for its pleasant year-round climate, light life, hospitable people, Da Lat becomes a super attractive place for those who want to find a peaceful place. 

Daklak is known as a paradise land for travel enthusiasts to experience and explore. Daklak attracts any tourist who comes here by the wild beauty of thousands of mountains and forests. Especially, when coming to Daklak, you can explore the vast coffee fields and experience the life in the village of ethnic people.

Starting the journey to explore the Central Highlands by motorbike, you can immerse yourself in the breath of mountains and forests and become a part of it. With the experience of Da Lat – Daklak by motorbike, you can feel the wind through the hair, feel the sun touching gently on the skin, and inhale the cold air of the mountains and forests. This is definitely one of those memorable moments of your lifetime. To have a safe and enjoyable journey to explore the Central Highlands, please prepare carefully by reading our information.

Places to visit during your trip to Dalat – Dalak

1. Dalat Lake of Sighs

Lake of Lament has a pristine, calm beauty but full of charming dreams. This is considered a place that many young people love because of the cool fresh air here.

Than Lake has many attractive activities for visitors such as: walking to see the pine forest, horseback riding experience, duck riding to see the scenery, camping overnight ,…

Picture of Dalat Lake of Sighs

2. Visit Bao Dai’s Summer Palace of Da Lat

Because Vietnam’s summer weather is too hot, King Bao Dai chose this palace as a summer resort. Bao Dai Summer Palace is built in a peaceful cool pine forest. The palace has been almost preserved intact until now. You can visit and admire the luxurious interior system of the royal family of Vietnam.

Picture of Bao Dai’s Summer Palace 

3. Visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda Da Lat

With a bell tower towering up to 37 meters, Linh Phuoc Pagoda is one of the most famous pagodas in Vietnam. Linh Phuoc Pagoda is also known as the tallest bell tower in Vietnam.  

4. Buon Don Daklak

About 40 km from the city center, Buon Don is a small village located on a floating island in the Serepok River. Coming to Buon Don, you can admire the rustic wild beauty of the vast mountains and forests.

Buon Don is famous for the houses in the Central Highlands architecture of the Ede and M’Nong people. You can participate in fun activities and bathe elephants.

Picture of Buon Don Daklak

5. Yok Don Daklak National Park

For those who are passionate about exploring nature, Yok Don National Park is definitely the ideal choice. This national park is one of the largest protected areas in Vietnam. Yok Don National Park has up to 90% of primary forest.

At Yok Don National Park, you can participate in many activities such as trekking, cycling or boat tours.

Picture of Yok Don Daklak National Park

What should you eat when coming to Dalat?

Dalat is not only famous for its gentle and pleasant atmosphere all year round but also very famous for its extremely attractive cuisine. Whether it is traditional specialties or street food, the cuisine here always makes visitors almost rub. Therefore, on the way to explore Da Lat – Daklak, you must definitely try the dishes here.

Also Vietnam Cycle Adventures finds out the dishes you must try when coming here!

1. Wet cake with chicken organs: “Banh uot long ga”

When visiting Dalat, you definitely can’t help but try the Cake wet with chicken organs. The delicious taste of chicken combined with the soft suppleness of the wet cake, with herb tears, onions is definitely a great combination, making any eater nod to compliment the deliciousness.

This is a specialty of Dalat you cannot ignore.

Picture of Banh uot long ga

2. Dalat mini cake: “Banh can”

Dalat mini cake – “Banh can” is a favorite dish of both locals and visitors in Dalat. Dalat mini cake has a crispy shell, fragrant egg filling with green onion fish sauce and shumai. With a chilly climate, the hot cakes of small eateries always attract anyone when coming to Dalat. Dalat mini cakes are very suitable to eat in the morning or afternoon.

3. Grilled rice paper: “Banh trang nuong”

Grilled rice paper is an extremely popular snack and receives the love of a large number of young people. Anyone coming to Dalat cannot help but try Grilled Rice Paper. Grilled rice paper is also known by the cute name “Vietnamese Pizza”

4. Shumai bread: “Banh mi xiu mai”

Shumai bread is also known as dipping bread. Shumai in Da Lat is made from lean meat puree, which is chewy enough. The broth is stewed from pork bones to create a sweet, delicious taste. .

5. Dalat Avocado Ice Cream: “Kem bo da lat”

Dalat Avocado Ice cream is famous for its sweet taste from fat avocados, mixed with sweet milk cream. Enjoying Dalat avocado ice cream in the cold weather of Da Lat is nothing better.

Picture of Da Lat Avocado Ice Cream

6. Artichoke beef hotpot: “Lau bo Atiso”

Beef hot pot is definitely not a strange dish for everyone. But the name artichoke beef hotpot definitely makes visitors feel curious. In Dalat, silk beef hotpot combined with artichoke leaves makes the soup sweeter. 

What should I eat in Daklak?

1. Lentil fish hotpot

The lentil fish is a fish that lives abundantly in the Serepôk River. Lentil fish has delicious, firm meat and can prepare many dishes. However, lentil fish hotpot is especially delicious.

2. Bamboo shoot: Mang le

Anyone who comes to Daklak cannot ignore the bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoots in Daklak have a sweet, fleshy and dense taste. Bamboo shoots can be prepared in many dishes such as: bamboo shoots stewed in pork spring, bamboo shoots cooked with dried venison,…

Picture of Mang le

3. Venison

When traveling in Daklak, you should definitely try venison here. Daklak venison is delicious, less ribbed and tender like veal. Daklak venison specialties can be processed into many dishes such as deer dipped in vinegar, grilled deer, stir-fried deer,…

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